Showing for the first time

We encourage everyone to give Showing a go – it’s a fun, social and rewarding event. You needn’t be an expert either, most of our long time competition goers and members are amateurs. If you’ve never shown at one of competitions before, here is our handy “Showing for the first time-hints and tips.”

How to enter

  1. Obtain a Schedule

    Obtain a Schedule of classes from the Treasurer Mr J Thompson, or download a copy from our website www.rivergardeners.com

  2. Choose Classes

    Decide which classes you wish to enter. Check all instructions.

  3. Complete Entry Form

    Fill in the entry form, following the instructions on the form.
    Make sure that the entry form is submitted no later than 9.00pm on the Wednesday before the Show, either electronically through the website https://rivergardeners.com/entry-form or with the paper form to the address noted on the form.

On Show Day

  1. The Schedule will tell you when the hall will be open for setting up your entry (9am -10.30am).
  2. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the hall and set up your entry, as the hall can get very busy. Bring your schedule along.
  3. First, find the Show Secretary who will normally be near the stage.
  4. The Show Secretary will give you your Exhibitor Number. Each number has an exhibitor number on it and a barcode.
  5. Find the place(s) in the hall for your class(s). Ask a steward for assistance, if you need it. They are there to help you.
  6. Then bring your exhibit and put it in place on the table, together with your exhibitor number (number side down and barcode side up).
  7. If there is no room left for your exhibit, speak to a steward who will help you. Do NOT move any other exhibit yourself.
  8. If you have entered more than one class (and we hope you will!), double check you have put out the right exhibit, in the right place, with the exhibitor number/barcode by it and it is consistent with the Schedule.
  9. You must leave the hall when requested to do so when judging is about to start (by 10.45am).

After the Judging

  1. Return to the hall when the Show opens to the public at 2.00pm to find out how the judge liked your exhibit.
  2. Take your time to chat and share advice with other competitors, who may have been too busy to talk to you in the setting up stage of the show.
  3. After Prize giving and when asked to do so, remove your exhibit, encouraged by the experience and keen to do better next time!