News from the Compost Heap – Spring 2024

While our name might evoke images of trowels and topiaries, we at River Gardeners are so much more than a gardening club. We’re a vibrant, all-encompassing community hub that thrives on bringing people together through a trio of annual village shows. These events are a celebration of creativity and community spirit, featuring an array of arts, baking, crafts, and hobbies, alongside a bounty of home-grown produce, vegetables, and flowers.

Our mission is to inspire participation from individuals of all ages. Whether it’s a sketch, a snapshot, a handcrafted item, or a culinary creation, we welcome contributions that reflect the diverse talents of our village and its neighbouring villages.

River Gardeners is synonymous with friendliness and inclusivity. Beyond our shows, we host an assortment of gatherings – from quiz nights to live music evenings – designed to unite our community and support the continuity of our cherished events. Participation in our shows is a breeze, with no membership required. Details are readily available on our website: rivergardeners.com We invite you to explore what we have to offer, join us on a show day to either exhibit your work or simply to revel in the local talent. And don’t miss out on our delightful array of home-made cakes, available for purchase, along with tea and coffee served at unbeatable prices.

As we continue to grow, we’re on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to help orchestrate our show days and major events. There’s also an opportunity to play a pivotal role in our community as a member of our committee. If you’re drawn to making a difference and fostering community spirit, reach out to us at [email protected].

Our passion for nurturing community events is boundless, but to flourish, we rely on your support and involvement. Join us in this communal journey of celebration, creativity, and connection.

Our next event is our Summer Show on Saturday 6th July, see our website for more details: rivergardeners.com

We will be hosting our Annual Quiz on Saturday 27th July, 7pm for 7.30pm. Teams of up to 8 welcome at a cost of £3 per head, bring your own food and drink and there will be a Raffle. The quiz is to raise money for a local school/club/charity and the winning team can choose the destination of the donation. With our unique scoring system nobody knows until after the last round which team has won, keeping every team interested right up to the very end. Come and join us for a fun evening. Tickets available from https://rivergardeners.com/event/quiz

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